Friday, January 21, 2011

Things I want to know, Part 27, 056, 837, 001.

I like potato chips, but really, if there were a nuclear war and the fall out shelter I ended up in had only Kool-Aid and Wonder Bread, in that whole survival-of-the-fittest thing I'd absolutely be the first to go. I'm not vegetarian, but I do have a severe food allergy to, of all crazy things, sugar. Ridiculous, I know, but true. Ergo, I was oddly forced into a life of essentially healthy eating, you know, minus the potato chips. And because of this, I'm crazy-conscious of food and it has always been interesting to me.

Like why does most peanut butter have sugar in it? What's wrong with the peanuts? Don't they taste really good by themselves? You grow them right, a little peanut integrity. Whole Foods puts sugar in their store brand peanut butter! What the? Beats me. There's this stuff, Smucker's Sugar Free Diet Breakfast Syrup. Read that ingredients list. Under "features," it boasts a 365 day shelf life. WHAT IS THIS STUFF ?! People put this into their bodies? This is like me trying to find sugar-free sugar. At some point, you know, you just walk away.

Sometimes wine is a challenge for me, and I assume it is the sugars in it, residual or otherwise. But my reactions to wine vary, a couple of glasses leaving me with no residue at all the next day or with a bit of thickness. It varies and it is unpredictable.

Then I saw this post on the Terroirist blog. These are the two sub-links, both entirely interesting reads.

Perpetually new to wine, I confess I don't understand why (in some-not-all cases) it would require this much manipulation to produce a basic and decent product. What's wrong with the grapes and the sun? Why can't they just make wine? Am I drinking wine or "wine-product?" Am I drinking a good wine, or the wine of a good magician?

(2/4/11 - here are a few more links for you from Bordeaux Undiscovered. Thank you, Nick. )