Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Going Postal.

Here's a list of post-office shootings since 1983. Big list. After ten years and thirty-five deaths the term "going postal" became part of the American lexicon.

People don't go "In-n-Out;" they don't go "Nordstroms," "Haagan Daz," or "Google." What is it about the postal system that elicits such strong emotion?

When I came to The Cave one of the first orders of business was to get the mail delivered here (which was previously delivered to the owners home address). Seems simple enough, right? Go to the post office and put in for an address change? It took two months and I confess, I was so frustrated I was very close to a complete melt down, shocked by the thorough and absolute pinnacle of incompetence my very simple task became. Mind you, I'm a troglodyte for a living, how competent can I be? Rocket Scientist, I assure you, in comparison to what I was dealing with there.

At the top of every month lease renewals are mailed out, and over the course of the month they trickle back in. Every few months I get a phone call from one of my winos wondering why their perfectly addressed renewal was returned to them. And every few months I go through the process of calling the USPS to try to find, identify, resolve the issue. I did it in November, and am in the process of doing it right now. I wish this was a story with a happy ending for my customers who have better things to do than find another envelope, another stamp, a pen...but I'll be doing do it again in another few months and it will never change.

Gee, I wonder why they're going bankrupt?