Thursday, February 3, 2011

...with apologies to Amerigo Vespucci.

If Signore Vespucci knew what this American Troglodyte was going to do to his country's amazing cuisine he'd roll over in his grave - though to many, 'american' and 'troglodyte' are redundant. Here's why.

I had a hankering for meatballs and tomato sauce, so I made meatballs and tomato sauce. Standard meatballs, but with spinach added. Feta would have been good in them. And a curried tomato sauce: onion, jalapeno, garlic, ginger with a basic curry powder plus anise and red pepper flakes. The sauce was amazing! Served over spaghetti squash. (It counts, it has the word 'spaghetti' in it.)

I topped the squash with some Podere Cogno olive oil from Tuscany, home to the world's greatest olive oils. I also opened a 2000 Elio Altare Barolo wine, which, though geographically not Chianti-esque, is still more in the ball park than the curry in the sauce. There's a grape named Nebbiolo? This one had eleven years to work out its thing, and I assure you, it did so swimmingly. Nice medium bodied red wine, nice fruit and spice things, not at all too tannic, very pleasant.

"Tutti a tavola a mangiare!" Loosely translated: Dig in, dem's good eats.