Saturday, March 5, 2011

Part 1 (a note from the underground).

A note on the ginormous path of bewildering generosity.

I like wine storage, it's interesting. Well, not so much the storage, the sitting here and watching air all day (though I'm shockingly suited to the task) but the motivation of the people who store here; it's hugely, intriguingly varied. It's about wine, sure, but also: for some it is investment. For others it is the hunt of the label, and for some within that the status of specific labels. Some are obsessive collectors who have more wine than they'll ever drink. Some have deeply developed palates and are beautifully dedicated to satisfying them while others are gratified by the bargain, the usual, the known. Regardless your motivation, and regardless the amount of wine you have here, equal effort and service are yours. I do this because I want to, because I like it. So few people are passionate about anything, how lucky am I to be able to witness this crazy ardor in these people around me. I am a troglodyte, but I know a good passion when I see one, so if I can do anything at all to help that along so be it.

If you have six cases here or 600, you get the same service. Please know, I don't work for or expect tips. All these wine people, trust me, every one of them a little bit crazy into the whole wine thing; what a privilege it is being privy to that, even moreso being able to do something once in a while to make it a little bit easier...for them to be that divinely crazy.