Saturday, March 5, 2011

Part 2, The Best Week EVER.

So, the point being, I neither expect nor work for tips. Sometimes you just enjoy doing stuff for people, especially if it's not helping them to move or driving them to the airport and otherwise requires very little effort. The other point being, there are a lot of unbelievably generous people on earth and most of them cellar their wine here. It really blows me away.

Wednesday, Jacques came in to move his wine. He didn't like his locker. Half an hour later he decided he liked his locker after all and didn't move his wine. Then he handed this to me. I was like, "Jacques, all I did was stand here and watch you not move your locker, it's not like I did anything." Later that day Chris came in and gave me a giftcard to Starbucks. I have no idea why.

I cleaned out the storage room Friday, how oddly motivated of me. It was quiet all day, and then around five-thirty everyone showed up at once, it seemed. Christina brought me a bag of oranges and lemons and meyers lemons from her tree, very cool, and then all sorts of organic spontaneity kicked in and all I'm at liberty to say about that is KBS Breakfast Stout may have been dethroned by Thomas Hardy's Ale, 1995. Forget that they don't even make this stuff anymore; this was the stuff they stopped making before that. Unbelievably amazing.

What a nice day today. I putzed around town a bit before work and saw these fliers posted on all the light poles near the high school. It reads, "I am looking for Juliet...I came back for you...eight...remember, till the heavens stop the rain I'm your biggest fan. You are the one, you are the only true love of my life...I miss you, Juliet, call me..." and then he leaves his real phone number.

As weeks go, It's hard to beat this one.