Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Is there wine everything?

I was Google-Imaging earlier. I like Google Images because you throw your search in there and it starts out innocently enough, but at some point disintegration sets in and it gets seemingly, and sometimes entertainingly, random.

I realized this weekend that when the computer crashed last year, amongst the data lost was the web site, so I need to do it over again, or do a new one. Though I'll use my own images, I was seeking inspiration and so Googled "wine bottle silhouette." At some point this picture showed up. I recoiled. Then I clicked on it. Then I followed it to the Virtual Shoe Museum. It's a flip-flop. (Or maybe just flop?)

This was also in the cork category. Much better, but really, can you actually walk in this thing?

I kind of like the Nike Hamburger Shoe, though.