Friday, April 15, 2011

The Bird!

The Cave is an emerging and delicate eco-system. There is a black widow nesting in one corner, a daddy long-legs in another, (maybe they'll meet and marry. She might be dangerous but he can out-run her) the occasional crawly-thing, things that fly. My take is leave it all alone and them work it out amongst themselves.

I heard something yesterday, a scuttling and scurrying, definitely a new one for The Cave as far as sounds go, and I'm sitting here like, what is that? It seems the birds were running out of food in the world and decided to check out The Cave.

I didn't want to interfere, maybe they were a necessary component to the bigger picture. Maybe they know I'm into their compadres up there on the telephone wires and wanted to say hi. There's always the one that has to be a little more curious than the others. Not to worry, he found his way out again.