Thursday, April 14, 2011

Glendale, Armenia, Wine.

Outside of Armenia, Glendale has the fourth largest Armenian population in the world; though figures vary it is estimated Glendale may be as much as 40% Armenian.

In January earlier this year The Glendale News Press, with several other news sources, reported the discovery of an ancient winery unearthed in a cave in Armenia. This would, at 6,000 years, pre-date the previous oldest winery discovered by a good thousand years. (Iran.)

Jons is a supermarket chain that adjusts its product to the neighborhoods it serves, and if you go into Jons here in Glendale, you can find wine for sale from Armenia. It's generally red and dry or red and sweet. There is also white. Right now it is all on sale for around ten dollars or less. From a short internet search the Tamada showed the greatest presence and was best reviewed, but the prices are so genial any of them are experiment-friendly.

There was also a pomegranate wine. The pomegranate, widely thought to originate in Armenia, remains its national fruit.

If you are craving a good ancient cave experience but can't make it to Armenia this year, you are welcome to visit us here at The Cave. I'm kind of ancient.