Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Bird Whisperer

(disclaimer: I sit in a Cave all day, not even Osama could handle that routine, so a little leeway, please.)

The first time I wrote about the Mourning Doves, they disappeared a day later. The second time I wrote about the Mourning Doves...yep, they disappeared a day later. I was working my way towards being able to publicly confess that one. Enough of the birds!, I decided. Then that little wren-herd decided to check out The Cave, and that was an interesting a troglodyte who sits in a cave all day.

So last night I was in my other cave, the one upstairs, after work, and I realize I'm hearing a relatively well-volumed chirp, clear and strong over the constant din of traffic that is this busy corner of Glendale. Where was that coming from? The hunt began, first around my spacious abode to see if it wasn't an echo from outside, but it wasn't. I put my ear to the door and it sounded like it was in the hallway, so I peered out, tentatively, you know, in case we were under some odd avian attack, the kind that has one chirp. And I hear it but still can't figure out where it's coming from. Then I see this little brown bird (wren?) standing in front of my neighbor's door, chirping at it, like: "I forgot my keys, let me in." It was kind of funny. Why that particular door? Did the wren know the neighbors?

I decided it was maybe just accidentally there and so circled around it to flush it back towards the open window at the end of the hallway. It flew high instead of low, tapped against the glass, and came back down the hall towards me, sitting against the wall again . It seemed pretty docile (with terror), so the new game plan was to scoop it up and bring it to the window.

That bird might look like an easy grab, but it's a big ball of air and feathers, let me tell you. There was nothing to grab! It took three tries. What I neglected to film was the fact that after I opened my hand for it to go, it actually lingered a few seconds, and that's one the coolest things I've experienced.

Then I came down to work today and...yep...those fickle Mourning Doves are back.

(this is fun.)