Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What a 24-case locker holds.

No, this isn't a 'who's buried in Grant's tomb' moment.

When The Cave says a locker holds 24-cases, it means a standard, Charles Shaw-sized case. In reality, few wine cases are standard. Some people prefer to keep their stash in the shipping boxes in case of earthquake, and that adds bulk. Mostly, there's just lot of different sized bottles.

Always sad to see one go, Max - one of three Max's here at The Cave - moved out today. He's moving up to Napa to intern with a winery for the next six months and to toss his hat into the game. Good for him, it's nice to see the kids getting it done.

It was also nice to have the opportunity to visually see what a 24-case locker can hold. So here's Max's contents. That's actually a pretty good amount of wine.

(Windows 7 has this really cool program where you click and click and click and it makes a panoramic photo for you in a few seconds.)