Thursday, June 9, 2011

People of Beer.

There are about half a dozen People of Beer here at The Cave, and it seems People of Beer are a bit more active when it comes to buying-selling-trading beer, mostly that last one. Some of them know each other but not all, so last week most of the People of Beer showed up one night for a meet, greet, and intra-Cave trade-off.
As this was getting under way, a young gentleman came in to rent a locker, another Person of Beer, it turned out, showing up on cue purely by coincidence. He thought it was Christmas morning and he just walked into the North Pole. We had to talk him down a bit and convince him, in fact, this was not our daily routine here.

Some of the beers up for trade included a bunch of things that make me grateful for cut-paste:

Alpine beer company – Chez Moniewuz Belgian Kriek
Alpine beer company – Ned
Rock Art Brewery - Magnumus Ete Tomahawkus
Rock Art Brewery – The Vermonster
Jester King – Black Metal Imperial Stout
Drie Fonteinen - Oude Geuze Vintage (Gueuze)
Hair of the dog – Cherry Adam from the Wood (2008?)
Hair of the dog – Fred from the Wood (2008?)
Brew Dog - Sink the Bismarck

That last one, Sink the Bismark, is touted as the World's Strongest Beer, with a 41% ABV. You can find it for sale on the internet from just over a hundred dollars, and up to two hundred. And though I couldn't say for sure, I'm pretty certain it tastes curiously awful. This means it tastes awful in such a way that is intriguing and interesting, not the usual awful, like earwax and Necco Wafers.

It was a pleasant evening and I continue to appreciate how lucky The Cave is to have such decent customers. What it also did was contribute to my next post, alcohol levels in wine and beer. See you soon.