Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The tragedy, the comedy, the beauty of Hell.

Sometimes The Hotel could be subtitled, "Abandon hope, all ye who enter here." (as always, click on images to enlarge.)

The ambivalent mourning birds finally made a decision and bade us a final farewell. When the apartment above their home-fickle-home became available, I got a chance to peek into their abandoned abode and saw, sadly, what they opted to leave behind.

Remember Saturday?

Today is Wednesday.

Of course at The Cave we endeavor to cultivate the high road, it is precisely for the reasons of the other circles of hell that this equal and opposite reaction is necessary, and this week's equal and opposite reaction comes to us in the form of Jasmine Silver Needle White Tea. Not just any Jasmine Silver Needle White Tea, no, but one unbelievably amazing Jasmine Silver Needle White Tea, courtesy of Andy who Caves here.

What I like about The Cave, other than everything, is getting to understand the diversity of tastes-and-tastes, meaning people's tastes in wine (which covers the gamut), and the tastes of their individual palates. It's been the experience of other people's palates that has helped me understand my own, and I'm so deeply grateful for that.

With Andy (who has gone a generously long way in trying to rescue me from my troglodyte ways) there are always a lot of layers in his preferences that both overlap and stand alone. Also, there's always an evolution within the moment. The tea, for instance: You can taste the tea and taste the Jasmine, but how these develop and play against each other changes within the lifespan of the cup. It's really cool. It's also really cool how he can find that similar trait through so many different venues. It's also really cool that that experience exists out there in the world, that something as pretty and simple as a cup of tea is so much more; at the occasional gates of hell we must sometimes suffer how important the simple civilization becomes.

(Despite the title, there wasn't too much comedy in that afterall, but here's one to make up for it.)