Saturday, July 16, 2011

Why no one will be coming to The Cave today.

Karmageddon? From what I hear it is a non-event and LA is moving along rather smoothly. Glendale, not so much. Brand Boulevard is already closed down from Broadway to the 134 for Cruise night and the cars are already choking our tiny little side streets. (Ah, bicycles!)

More local than that, however, I saw there were fence guys behind the building trying to wrest the hotel's bougainvillea from its hold on the rear gate. It seems the vines attached to and were were pulling the gate over. Well, the gate guys got it! Then they left. The people already parked down here can't get out. Nor can anyone get the Cave.
Of course there is plenty of parking above and I'm more than happy to bring a hand cart up to you or otherwise help you carry stuff to-and-fro.

Minus that, it looks kind of cool.