Saturday, August 20, 2011


Late breaking news posted on the Glendale News Press website yesterday, that a commercial shoot for Outback Steakhouse would involve the following: "At approximately 10 p.m., three long, brown cylinders running along the front of the billboard – symbolizing a grill - will be ignited. The flames will then consume the billboard and the grill will fall off, landing on a car, which will result in an explosion."


Scott and I were on the phone trying to strategize our positions based on how chaotic and crazy we anticipated this to be: police barricades, closed off streets, crowds of onlookers.

It was me, Scott&Natalie, another family of four, and this guy Eric. And Eric's friend.

Scott&Natalie and I were the last holdouts, around midnight, when they accidentally really did set the sign on fire during a test run. Then everyone headed for the craft service table - except for the techies who started routing around their trucks for Plan B, and we took this as our cue to leave.

I went back this morning and it seems like they finally figured it out. Nothing a little CGI can't fix, anyway. Really, who still blows up actual cars anymore? Silly Aussies.