Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Hotel Glendale

We need a new Facebook, but until that happens I was on Facebook yesterday, on The Cave page, catching up on the "likes."

(small aside, New Scandinavian Cooking is on public television and is the most calming, relaxing, interesting cooking show there is. All the hosts have been good, and Andreas Viestad is adorable.)

I went over to the Glendale Public Library sight, and on there was a link for a site called Historypin. A quick search there yielded this photograph, circa 1940-1950, of Broadway looking east. That's the Hotel Glendale on the left/northeast corner (click on image to enlarge). You can see the cables overhead and tracks in the street for cable cars, and on the building the signage and radio towers still existent. On the southeast corner was a bank, now a small parking lot. The other two corners, once storefronts, are now city hall and the courthouse.

The sight also gave the option of seeing the photograph juxtaposed onto the current street view, and it was perfectly aligned, allowing for both an interesting contrast of eras and the only thing of that original photo that remains. Endures.