Thursday, September 1, 2011

What just happened here?

Oh, hey, we had a 4.3 earlier today and I didn't feel it. But that's not why we're here.

There have been a lot of auction houses traipsing through The Cave these days thanks to the Chinese and their crazy Bordeaux-loving ways. More than a few Cave People are, smartly, seizing the opportunity of an overinflated market. What's interesting is as many people as there are selling off parts of their collection, there are equally as many styles to their approach.

Many Cave Dwellers take matters into their own hands. They work with Zachy's or Spectrum, but come in one day, pack all their own stuff, load up their cars, and deliver it to its destination.

Some take advantage of because Steve cellars here and so can give them attentive and customized service.

Last month saw Kevin Tyson of Carte du Vin. Carte du Vin is a full-service cellar maintenance joint - all you do is point to the goods and they take care of the rest. In this case they were the go-between the seller and the auction house, doing all the packing, shipping, inventory, etc. Additionally, Kevin was very nice and easy to deal with. (

For the last two days, Marc Zamec has been hanging around, from Hart-Davis-Hart Wine Company. Today he was joined by his colleague Robert. Robert's a vegetarian. Marc flew in from Chicago to spearhead the proceedings which went a little bit not as anticipated with one day turning into two, but Marc was chill through it all. (

Yesterday was just madness with kids and havoc and a slight miscommunication mishap which I'll post separately. (It was sort of funny, once everyone lived to tell the tale.) Today was long, but towards the end there - was it fatigue or boredom or all of the above? - well...anyway...

However, I did learn a few things. The gentleman selling has been here long enough to have seen the original bar in what is now the Napa Room. The Bordeaux Room opened in 1982, but the Napa Room didn't open until later in response to need. J. was talking about how Joe Burns used to walk him over there to look at the original restaurant, defunct, all the original decor still intact, including a huge, beautiful, old counter/bar that was ultimately sold off. I've heard about this, but there are, sadly, no pictures.

Here's a picture, though. I, of course, see nothing and know nothing, but I can tell you this: it didn't end there, and the other photo op left the premises before I could photograph it. 'Nuff said.

Your local troglodyte, a perennial lightweight, thanks god for spell-check. Also, thank god I live in the building and only have to contend with awkward conversation on the elevator before returning to my humble abode.

(This job is awesome.)