Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Sanctification and Salvation. And tomatoes.

Monday night, (when even troglodytes get a day off) I looked in the fridge and there were 12 jalapenos, yogurt, and a third of a lemon. I'd earlier cooked up a pot of yellow split peas (about three hours, to get them into a nice mush.) On the counter were a bunch of tomatoes. No problem.

I started by opening this thing, Sanctification Sour Blonde by the Russian River Brewing company in Santa Rosa, CA. What I don't know about beer is a lot, and this is the first sour I've had, so how it compares, rates, in the big scheme of things I can't say. 409 reviews at Beer Advocate give it an A, so I'm thinking that's pretty good.

It's like white grapefruit.

After the jalapenos softened, I threw in the tomatoes and a little bit later added some garlic.

A little later after that went some curry, red basil, and thyme.

Mix in the yellow split peas

Serve with cucumber, yogurt, and lemon. Not a bad pairing, actually. Lots of acidities out on the playground.

For dessert: Russian River's Salvation Dark Ale. 350 reviews on Beer Advocate, A-.

aka, chocolate brownie.

When I was in Whole Foods sort of recently snagging a Guinness, Mike the Beer Guy was there, and I was trying to avoid eye contact with him, buying just a Guinness. But it's a good, basic, standard quaff, and learning where center is for your palate is half the battle.

From there, I'm grateful for new experiences, this particular one granted by Sir Richard the Envious. It remains I have the best job on earth, but also I confess: I don't seem to be much of a grapefruit/chocolate brownie sort of troglodyte, and despite their swell ratings and new palate experiences, I would probably next opt for the Guinness or other good stout or porter.