Wednesday, January 18, 2012

the amazing good-plain-simple food weekend.

I eat food. Also, I like food, and I like food that is good, plain, and simple. For months I was stuck on the ol' 'If you are on a deserted island and could have for eternity any three foods, what would they be?' The problem is I need four. I need tea - a good, hearty black Assam - and I need eggs. These are no-brainers.

It's the third-slash-fourth one I get stuck on. I need bread, but then I need butter. Bread without butter is good, bread with butter is great. I could skip the bread and go with the butter; butter with eggs is good, but without the bread the butter would be wildly underutilized. And I'd never stop thinking about the bread. I could maybe figure out a way to make bread, but what I did instead, finally, is dump the bread and the butter and go with oranges. Valencias.

But if it were four items, it'd be the bread and butter. Five items, and you can add the oranges, Valencias, and really after that, minus the occasional bag of potato chips that hopefully washes ashore, I'm pretty satisfied. As long as that bag is attached to a Guinness, and the island itself is a direct-route barrier to the natural tides of the distant Lay's/Guinness factories.

Yes, this is exactly what occupies my brain for hours.

Meet Gladys. I'm pretty sure that's her on the left, in a stare-down with Opal. Gladys is an Americauna Chicken.

Gladys eggs are green. Annabelle (whom you've already met) eggs are brown. These were brought to The Cave Sunday evening by Kristina. Aren't they just beautiful? The answer is yes.

The key to a perfect egg is to not cook it, but to coax it to a state of minimal done-ness. The amazing, great. simple food weekend began Sunday night with an O'-so-delicately boiled Annabelle egg. A little salt and pepper, a quick drizzle of really good olive oil, this was amazing.

Monday night. Founders Dirty Bastard Scotch Style Ale. Not sure about the name, not a big fan of the whole name your beer something dangerous and witty and rebellious, but Founders makes the world's greatest KBS. This was also really good. Really good.

O'-so-gently fried egg on toasted bread with garlic and arugula. Fricking a-m-a-z-i-n-g.

The world's greatest coffee. (Sorry, it just is.)

My first ever lentil soup. Yes, I've consumed lentils almost daily much of my life, but never made soup. And, it was (wait for it) AWESOME, mostly.

Around midnight the soup was getting dry-ish, and I remembered someone had left me half bottle of vermouth, and I had no idea what to do with it, I don't even know what vermouth is, so I ran down to get it and dumped it into the soup. So the soup is really good in a different and odd and slightly boozy-tasting sort of way.

(Look, steam from the soup.)

And finally, a faux-poached egg again with toast and garlic for dinner. Look at that beautiful yoke (and yes, I like a little egg with my pepper).

Two things. Please note - the eggs, the beer, and the vermouth were all via The Cave and all generosities therein. Also, seriously, how much more fortunate can one troglodyte be? Hardly at all, if you must know.

PS. I haven't yet cracked open a Gladys egg, the green ones. I hear they are hued appropriately. Stay tuned.