Friday, January 20, 2012

wine spelunking, part 1: anti-wine collecting for the 99%

A few months ago during a not unusual bit insomnia, I was lying in bed having this all out revelation about wine storage: 'A 12-case locker for only $156 a year? That's amazing!' And it is - when you start thinking about the costs of everything else in a typical life - which I proceeded to do for the next hour.

Cable TV is like a hundred dollars a month. Internet, cell phone, car...a movie ticket. Dinner out. Twelve cases of wine, 144 bottles @ $156...and suddenly it dawned on me, probably around dawn, (heh-heh) that not collecting wine or storing wine was the anomaly.

Unless you don't like wine. But you do like wine, I'm pretty certain, you just don't like wine culture, you don't like the stuff: the snootiness, what seems like a prohibitive and necessary amount of knowledge, all the barriers. It's overwhelming, really, for many layers of reasons.

So here's what I'm going to do for you, for the marginalized and forgotten, the victims of wine snoots&snobs everywhere, for 99% mankind: sacrifice my good standing as a troglodyte and reclaim wine for the people!

I'm not rich and I don't make a ton of money. I know nothing about wine and I don't actually care about it too much. But because of the humbling-ly generous people here, I've been fortunate to taste some amazing fricking wine. When it's like that, it's not about buying and drinking a mere bottle of wine; it's about that moment and that experience of that taste. It carries the same elusive nature that a surfer gets with that one wave that forever holds his imagination, that sends him back into the water time after time, to feel that moment just once more, and then just once more again. And when this happens you remember the smell of the ocean, the sound of your board cutting through water, the angle of the sun, every detail defined by that moment.

Wine does this, or can.

So this is like that, about that, and why any true wine-o who stumbles onto this is going to cringe, I promise you, which makes this already a worthwhile endeavor.

Stay tuned.