Saturday, March 24, 2012

Ahhhhh.....Cave Sweet Cave.

Apologies for the Bloggus Interruptus. Much catching up to do, but let's get the toes wet on a little bit of Vintage Glendale.

(click on all pictures to enlarge)

Sometimes Glendale gets these things, they're called clouds. They're mostly a winter phenomenon when California gets actual weather. Glendale attracts more of them because of the foothills.

A great place to look at clouds in Glendale is from the top level of the parking garage for City Hall. It's right across the street from the Hotel, and when I was up there recently taking pictures of clouds I also took this quick snapshot of the Hotel Glendale. I took it because it's not the iconic view of the Hotel you usually get, so it's like looking at a dear friend in a way you never considered before.

Also an unusual view of the Hotel: Last week, Scott from over there at Tropico Station: THE Glendale Blog, also on facebook, sent me this picture he stumbled onto, circa 1926, just a year after the Hotel opened. And though the picture was to document poor pavement construction, it's way better than most pavement these days. The website hosting it, the USC Digital Library, also does a very good job detailing all the various landmarks and signage in this photo.

Scott also reminded me of the facebook group, Vintage Glendale "The Jewel City." A swift peruse of that one yielded these photos showing the Hotel's more iconic view. Still, I've not previously seen the first one, so that's kind of a good find.

I have seen this photo, but I post it for the building to the right - better seen in the postcard below - the bank that was across the street from the Hotel. It is currently a paved lot that abuts Glendale Pho.

The address for the Hotel is 102 N. Glendale, and for Glendale Pho 102 S. Glendale.

Okay, here's two cool address bits: The Hotel Glendale is in two different zip codes. The Cave's zip code is not the same as the Hotel's. Also, the Cave's address is 711. The Hotel opened on 7/11. Spooky, I know.

Here's the mash-up.