Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Cave after hours.

The Cave is closed and I finally get to try this weeks offering to the gods, a 2001 Longoria Pinot Noir Santa Rita Hills.

Earlier this week, this wine was proffered with some haste, the concern that it was well past its peak.  The gentleman had a bit of it and had you the good fortune to be walking down the street at the very moment he was leaving here, chances are you'd have scored yourself a bottle as well. 

As it stands, if he has since opened a bottle for himself, he will be very disappointed that he gave me one, i.e., that he gave any of it away at all.
I, on the other hand, am very happy he gave it away, though possibly because I've not eaten anything since noon.  Meaning I might possibly simply be very happy right about now.

That aside, though this review is a bit much, it remains a very tasty, enjoyable glass of wine.  The gods are pleased.

"From an appellation making a serious play for Pinot, a gorgeous wine that impresses for its early charm, complexity and ageability. It sure is delicious now, with the flavor of a black cherry and cassis tart sprinkled with cinnamon and vanilla, wrapped in a smoky-sweet buttery pie crust. Feels super in the mouth, soft and elegant, while a trace of earthy tannins in the finish will protect it in the cellar."

PS.  I'm not sure what a 'cassis tart' is,  but I've heard rumors.