Sunday, May 6, 2012

Seis de Mayo

 Uno de Mayo. This was posted on Pedros Avocado Ranch facebook page:
"Congratulations to The Cave Public Wine Storage Lockers for winning a bag of our fresh picked avocados for your Cinco de Mayo celebrations."
Dos de Mayo.  It was kind of quiet.
 Tres de Mayo.  I ride my bike to the farmers market with glee to reap my award. 
Cuatro de Mayo.  Nothing really happened. 
Cinco de Mayo.  I come down to The Cave to open up for someone, have breakfast, and while I'm on the bike I think - I should forgo Wino Weekend for something more - Mexican-ish.  Maybe get some chips, make the guac, try a few beers from south of the border.  So I get all that stuff and then someone calls and they have a hundred cases they want to move into The Cave at that very moment.

Seis de Mayo.  So instead I opened this stuff, 2002 Casaeda Cab.  Tried it after work last night and it was seriously nice.  Strong coca things and soft spice, really tasty. There's still some here.

Seite, Ocho and Nueve de Mayo are still in the fridge.