Sunday, May 27, 2012

2010 Chateau la Fleur Morange Mathilde

As previously mentioned, Nick's blog over there at Bordeaux Undiscovered got me hooked on this stuff and The Quest was undertaken to get me some of that.  I took the leap into my first futures, and waited like a kid for Christmas.

And then it sat in the locker.  Truth is, I was too worried to open it, that it was over-hyped, that it could only disappoint.  And then I'd have to either have a really bad palate and be a rube and admit to that, or worse, think Nick might be pulling my leg. 

Well, we can all relax, because as I discovered around 7:03 last night, this stuff absolutely does not disappoint, nor is Nick a quack.  Au contraire, Nick is exactly right to be so passionate about this stuff because it's exactly right, everything about it, the price, ($20) the wine, the completely charming orange's a gem.

The bottle is here should by some miracle someone actually come in today, but mostly, as much as I love my job (which I do) I can't wait to get out of here tonight and have another glass.  Cheers.