Saturday, May 26, 2012

now spelunking/now tasting:

It was easier to just take the panniers off the bike and bring the whole thing down.  I don't know how much wine weighs, but it was no lickity-split ride home from the wine store today...which is also slightly uphill the whole way.  More like a sludgery-crawl.

Here's what's now resting in the locker. (click on to enlarge.)

I was opting for the one on the right, but the guy was standing there and suggested the one on the left, but then reneged.  He said the one on the right was more refined, the one on the left more "rustic."  They were equal in price, so I figured it would be interesting to compare.

What we're drinking in The Cave these days. 

Last week, this was on tap.  Though it maybe could have hung out in the locker another year, it was okay by itself, but very good with dinner. (chicken.)

  This weekend, though I finally opened this.  Both it and I are here all weekend, so feel free to stop on and give it a swirl.  A gentleman who tried it earlier gave it a thumbs up for its fruit-forwardness.  Sadly, I won't find out until after 7.   Maybe 6:53 if it's quiet. 

And's pic of our humble establishment, taken while waiting for the light to change, three-thousand pounds of wine in tow very happy almost to be home.