Thursday, May 10, 2012

wine spelunking for the 99%, chapter?

I'll organize all this later, the series, that is.

I've been blabbing too much about the how and the why and the why some more, and then some more why. Enough noise!  This is what is currently in my personal locker, give or take a bottle.

1.  The Amazing and Wondrous Generosity That is The Cave.
Because I have the world's greatest job, by way of the amazing and wondrous generosity that flows here I've been privy to some amazing wine I'd never otherwise have access to.  I am so eternally grateful for this, you don't even know.  So we start with these wines.

Currently dozing away in a happy 55 - 58 degree state of hibernation are these three guys, 2008 Carlisle Syrah, 2002 Casaeda Cab, 2009 Larkmead Firebelle.  The one in the middle was opened this past weekend ant it was TASTY.  The other two can hang out for a good five years or more.  I know this because I plug them into Google and read the Cellar Tracker page on it. They will be amazing. 

 2.  All the other wine. 
This is the stuff that I chose, the misguided reasons why, and a desperate effort to make those reasons seem legitimate.

The Designer Labels. I'm so ashamed.  There's a Prisoner, a Papillon, and some skeleton thing, all produced by Orin Swift. I don't know if this stuff is actually good or rock-n-roll good, but I've caved to the hype and there it is. I guess we'll find out.  And that is the point, one must sometimes just find out.  At nearly 16% alcohol by volume, I suspect I will try these ONCE.  

Spain by suggestion.  2008 Pago de los Capellanes, a Tempranillo blend, no idea what that means.  But it's Spanish, I should try one.  Also, a customer had a 2006 in his locker and really liked it and told me to get one, so I got one.  You'll notice the price tag says $14.99.  After a year or so it's now available for $23.  One year and it's already selling for more. The other one is a 2009 Descendientes de Jose Palacios Bierzo Petalos.  I walked into Topline one day and the guy handed me this and said, Try this.  So I will.

Something white. A vendor came in last year to help me figure out something about something Cavey as a total, unpaid favor. I tried to tip her but she was having none of it.  So I offered her a bottle of wine, and she only drank white.  I didn't have any in my locker and felt lousy about it. So now I have one in there just in case. Chances are I'll get stuck with it, but the other option is worse.

The one's that matter (to me). These are the ones I picked out all by myself.
2009 Alvaro Palacios Camins del Priorat.  I got this because of the pretty flowers. Three websites cite three different percentages of people who buy wine based on the label.  It's either 30%, 60%, 70% or, if I go to enough websites, any number in between. Suffice it to say, a lot of people buy wine based on the label.  Legitimate or not, whatever connects you to wine includes the label, so for this wine this was my initial connection. In my head I already like it and this will likely influence my actual reaction to it.  But it's pretty so I don't care. I'm sure it will be fine.

2008 Clos de los Siete I've tried this already and it's completely nice.In the $15 range, you figure you're paying six bucks for that Barefoot stuff, so really you're only paying $8 for a much better bottle of wine. Already this is working.

2008 Fabre Montmayou Malbec.  Based on Cellar Tracker, this might be a stinker.  I think I was going through some Malbec stage and thought I'd give it a try. That's cool, I can accept the error of my misguided ignorance.

Owen Roe Yakima Red.  I'm not sure if this is an '08 or '09.  I splurged a little on this one but it was so fricking pretty I had to.  I know, I'm a pushover for the cheap visuals.  The thing is, it rates about the same as the others, all of them sliding into the 89-91 point range.  Barefoot Merlot comes in on Cellar Tracker at around 80 points.  So you're coughing up an extra ten buck for a substantially better wine experience.

Also, there's stuff like this over there at Wally's Wine - a Pinot Noir that Robert Parker scores a mere 90, but still sells for $400.  Don't fall for it!  You can drink GOOD wine!  So drink good wine!