Sunday, July 29, 2012

Accidental Intersections and The Best Week Ever.

This week, The Cave was sponsored by all this.  Actually, I think there are a few more that ...I don't know where they are , but these are the remains of The Best Week Ever. 

Saturday. I live in the building, and I come down every day between 1:45 and 1:50 to open up.  On Saturday I was cutting it close - it was 1:42 and I'd just gotten out of the shower.  But like most troglodytes, I'm low maintenance and would have been down here by 1:48, I'm certain.  At 1:43, the Bat Phone rang.  "Could you come down a little early?"  A. had received an unfortunate summer wine delivery and the maximum five more minutes it would have to remain in the heat was just too much for him to bear.  This is fantastic!  It's crazy, beautiful, and exactly right!  Also, I had no clothes on.  Three minutes later, A's wine was very happy. Also, it turns out this innate, beautiful madness would set the tone for the entire week. 

Sunday.  Towards the end of the day, Izzy came in. Izzy comes in at the end of Sunday to torture me, and to make me kick him out so I can go home on what is my Friday night and have dinner, watch old episodes of Columbo, and read the paper.  (I start looking forward to this around Wednesday.)  Then V. came in, and now I have two guys in here very passionate about their...similar passions.  The thing is, this is exactly what I dig about The Cave, these accidental intersections that bloom and grow, so I was actually very happy to allow for that, and I got home late.

(M-T weekend, TG.)

Wednesday.  Something told me to maybe tend to some paperwork even though I had a few days to procrastinate.  Good call, it turns out.  Later Max came in to move some wine, and I think he got thirsty, and then more people came in and they got thirsty, and by the end of the day about six very thirsty people got a chance to try something amazing, plus a few more things. It was great fun, great spirit, another day of accidental intersections.

Thursday.  Max came in to switch lockers.  He started around 3.  I started on shelves, and then A. came in wanting to rent a locker.  Some people look at a locker and say, I'll take it.  Not A.  I'm all for this, I'd be doing the same thing; I've been apartment hunting, it matters. Every locker available was carefully examined and considered.  Every one.  (Fortunately we don't have too many or we'd still be at it.)  Moving your product is a pain, take all the time you need!  And A. did.  It was great!  Then an old friend of Max's, who also cellars here, happened to come in - another awesome, organic, accidental intersection.  I worked on shelves while they caught up, but I think this may have contributed to the week's sponsorship.  These pictures are from that, and when I stood in the elevator after work holding onto the remnants, the cork smelled like wildflowers and cinnamon.  Best elevator ride ever.

Friday.  The Cave and all things therein loves the Olympics.  For opening ceremonies I went to make eggs for some fellow Olympic lovers, and we opened one the best wines I've had in 2012 (and easily one of the best ever), a 2010 L'Aventure Rose Estate. I've previously had the privilege of this winery, and when this so deeply generously came into my hands I was very excited to try it.  It does not disappoint!  Perfect with eggs and tomatoes and arugula with lemon and mustard, I found myself nursing this wine along so it would never end. OH!  Also, earlier that day, Sir Richard stopped in.  He'd come from work and didn't want to mess up his suit so brought a change of pants...which he proceeded to change in the parking lot.  "What kind of underwear" I asked?  Black briefs, I would soon find would possibly the entire building...but so far no complaints. 

Saturday.  The truth is, when I'm at work I'm "on the clock," so whatever happens at The Cave...doesn't happen to me until 7:00:01 p.m.  Also, by Saturday, so much had fallen open I decided to take a break from Wino Weekend. Then A. came in, and S - both of whom were working on diligent projects.  At some point last night I got to try a 2010 A.P. Vin Pinot....

Sunday.  ...which leaves us at another Sunday.  It's about 7:40.  Yet another new neighbor moved in today, so I'm running a little late, enjoying another glass of the AP Vin Pinot, finishing up this last task of the week.  This is a very fruit-forward glass of wine with an undercurrent of restraint that makes it a very pleasurable experience.  

Pleasure...this kind of celebrate pleasure...with people who share it with you, with each other... by accident, almost...only because X intersected with Y that day;  I just had a whole week of this.   It was amazing.