Sunday, July 22, 2012

sharks and cars.

Had you told me twenty years ago, when I was living on the upper west side of Manhattan, that I would one day be living in a town that had an event called Cruise Night, and it was a really big deal, I'd have the kids put it...LM_AO,

Once upon a time I watched, agog, John Malkovich tear it up in the play, "Burn This."  I watched Wallace Shawn and Linda Hunt in "Aunt Dan and Lemon."  I stood at Rockefeller Center to watch a Christmas tree light up, and at Time Square to watch the ball drop on New Years Eve.  On Saturdays I would take my surfboard out to Rockaway Beach via the A-train, and then spend the evening getting weepy over Sargent at The Met.

However, when in Glendale .... so here are a few highlights from Cruise Night, and by highlights I mean the very few pics I got before it got too dark. (click on images to enlarge)

(new moon.)

However, on this truly nice evening, 25 feet of awesomeness next Saturday! So take that, NY!