Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Beer in the shower (and my niece a little bit).

Fine: and TMZ...worst admission of my public life. Onward!

Last year sometime I was nursing a beer and also I had to take a shower, so, in the spirit of multi-tasking, just took the beer into the shower with me.  It was this moment of providence, much like the old Reese's Peanut Butter Cups ads,  that would introduce to me one of the great pleasures on earth: beer in the shower.

Soon after I would be chatting idly with my niece and, neither poke nor prod, she offered her own recent discovery of this magnificent delight. I haven't been drinking beer lately, but when I picked up that Guinness over the fourth it ended up in the shower with me and it was fantastic.  Again, I happened to chat with the niece soon after, and again, unsolicited, she told me me how she'd gone on a five mile run the previous evening and then taken a beer into the shower after. 

My niece is creepily like me for which I often apologize to her parents. And to my niece.****

So I'm having breakfast this morning...and watching TMZ, sigh...when this discussion about beer in the shower takes place.  The alternative menu of white wine and Sade - I'm not too sure - but nonetheless. 

Trust me, try it, especially after a tiring hot and sweaty all this summer.

****7/12/12 addendum/clarification: except my niece is way smarter and more interesting than I could ever hope to be.