Thursday, July 12, 2012

Sir Richard the Envious

Sir Richard the Envious is right, I haven't written about him on the blog. He got a brief nod last August, and there's a picture of him over there on the right with some of the other People of Beer.  But that's it. 

This weekend when he came in he declared, "I looked at your blog."  My usual response to this is, "That train wreck?  I'm sorry."

He wanted to know why I mention Izzy and not him. 

Really, Richard? What are you like six?

 Richard came to The Cave by way of his daughter and son-in-law who opened a locker here, moved, and left it for Richard to take over.  Richard lives in...(can I say Beverly Hills, Richard, or is that too tony for you?)...and has product stored in the more convenient LA, but our charms were just too strong for him to resist.

Also, Richard arrived and arrives not with a whimper but with a bang.  He exits in like.

Richard is a collector - of objects, of experience, of characters, and of stories, and he utilizes his collection in composing his own story.  Which is kind of interesting.  So to watch Richard is to watch a series of variables put into play composed of all those things collected, watch them interact, and then hear tell the story that interaction created.  It's the story that will be told that is the prize for Richard, and his ultimate collection is all these stories that ultimately make up, is, his life.

Or maybe not, but that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

The first beer Richard ever gave me...?I'm pretty sure?...was this stuff, and in the unbelievable kindness that is Richard he refreshes my experience of it each allocation. Richard ruined me with this stuff - right from the start - Richard!  Some decorum! 

 The worst fricking beer I ever had was also from Richard, that Sah'tea on the right.  It was really awful. Really, really, awful.  Quite possibly also ruined me, but for all the wrong reasons.  To the left of that is a bottle of Scholium Project wine, also via Richard, also really interesting.  Did I like it, did I not like it?  I'm not was so completely interesting I couldn't tell.

 Last weekend I tried some of this, a recent Richard offering, and it was also good.  Richard's and my most recent conversations, other than Glee, (we're split on this one) is how the pendulum swings and it's more about the experience that is different, intriguing.  Also, we are both currently attracted to the smaller, subtler wines. 

So, Sir Richard the Envious - who is so generous with such eclectic product I actually worry about  people using him toward that end AND I deeply don't want to be part of that (though he doesn't seem to care or even think about it) here is your very own blog posting.

Cheers, thank you and  until the next story.