Friday, September 28, 2012

Wine Pt.2: 2009 Castle Rock Pinot Noir California Cuvee

Back story.
J. has a 12-case locker but temporarily needed a little more room so I set him up with a shelf in the Manager's Locker.  After a year or so he had enough room in his primary locker to empty out the shelf, but now claimed one of the boxes wasn't his.
   " I don't drink that wine," he'd say, looking at the box...even though he had an identical box in his own locker!
    I'm like, "J! You have a box just like it in your locker!"
   "I used to drink it, but I don't anymore."  We do this for six months. The box sits on the shelf.

I rent the shelf out and need to move that box so I do.  In doing so I see there's a piece of duct tape on it.  A day or so after my return,  J. comes in.
     "You are taking this box, because I know it's yours and there's tape on it so what's in it may not be what's on it." I force the box on him and he wheels it away.

A few minutes later, J, emerges from the Bordeaux Room with great excitement and joy carrying a bottle of this stuff, 2009 Castle Rock Pinot. "Thank you, thank you, thank you," he insists, handing it to me, "for making me take that box!"  It seems what was in it is not was was on it.

I'd just returned from a good stretch of frightening food, and suddenly this wine was an antidote, an equal and opposite reaction. I was craving not only a really clean, simple meal but an accompanying glass of wine. When this came into my hands I looked at it like I was in my own episode of Wackiki Wabbit.  I accepted J.'s generosity with glee, and a pinot was exactly right.  That night I had a glass with dinner and I was very, very happy.

(if you're short on patience, 38-41 second mark will give you the gist.)