Sunday, September 30, 2012

Wine Pt.3. 2000 Sine Qua Non Syrah In Flagrante

 Okay, well...somewhere between buying the spaghetti squash and cooking the spaghetti squash for the previous wine A. had already so graciously given me, something I was going to do that weekend,  A. came in and then this was in my hands.  I said to A.,  "That's too much, I don't think I can handle it."  Also: "Don't you know anyone more appropriate you can give this to?"  Because, you know, it's fricking Sine Qua Non, for chrissake.  Probably de rigueur for the winos, the troglodytes not so much. A. said if I work here I should know what it is. 

Okay so, though I was planning on opening the other wine for which I'd already purchased the accompanying food things, I decided to live dangerously and do both.  Not at the same time.  I simply decided to have a Caveageddon Weekend.  It's the new thing, the 'geddons.

I looked at Cellar Tracker to see what people were saying about this wine.  From the meat department:  a clear scent of German sausages...beef jerky... BBQ... Hillshire Farms Summer Sausage...smoked meats...charcoal....smoke... and a sweet meaty note
From the fruit department: black fruits...sweet, plummy, jammy...velvet lush cherry... plum, blackberry...dark fruits...blueberry...blackberry pie...blackberry liqueur.

From the pharmacy:  Camphor... eucalyptus... Honey Ludens and Black Ludens...a slightly medicinal note.

Spice department:  pepper...cloves...spices

 Elements, nature and wood and everything else. : graphite...minerals...pine tar...cedar...rose hip...brambly... licorice...tar...smoke...tobacco
And chocolate.

So what am I going to say that is more, different, new?  A. very wisely instructed me to not have it with food, but to just drink it.  If anything, some bread and olive oil.  Since I'm not doing bread, that left olive oil, so I just drank it.  So let me just say this:  some people like other people and might see this as occasion to gather the troops for a grand share.  But when I tasted this stuff, I thought it would be best to quietly sneak it into your house, turn all the lights off, take your clothes off, lie on the floor, and drink this stuff, slowly, like an IV drip. But that's just me.

(sexiest dish rack in Glendale.)

So that's it, I'm caught up on specific wines, but I still haven't figured out why everybody isn't onto this.