Sunday, October 21, 2012

1999 something French

(Disclaimer: I'm a troglodyte and I'm shameless.  Horrible combination, spare me the grief.) 
This weekend's contribution to The Cave comes again from...The Cave, another remnant of ghosts gone by.  So good of them to leave offerings to the future, I hope it doubles back in good karma.

This is a 1999 something French.  I'm not actually sure what it is. I don't know enough about France and its wacky wine ways. Like why is some wine from a Chateau and other wine, like this one, simply from an appellation?  I can get Chateau Bob's wine or the Village of Saint-Laurent-des-Abres wine.  Why are there dashes in there?

So, I wasn't sure about this one when I first tasted it, but when I had a glass with my unremarkable dinner last night, it was pleasant enough.  The dinner, the wine...they can't all be amazing all the time, sometimes you just need to eat.