Thursday, October 25, 2012

At the farmer's market

It's been many months since  Arugula Lady  has set up at the Glendale farmer's market.  Every Thursday I've walked past her empty space with a sad bit of woe in my otherwise crusty heart.  I suspect she's about 137 years old, older than any documented old person, but because she's been so focused on feeding me (the world's greatest) arugula for the last three or four years she's flown under the radar.  So when weeks turned into months I confess, I suspected the worst. 

Wikipedia is keeping track of the old people.  It's like the least desirable achievement ever; once you get there you're pretty much next.  Great!

Of the ten oldest people ever, six are from the US.  How did that happen?  Of the current oldest alive people, though, Japan fares much better, as one might assume: fish and rice and sea veggies versus Big Macs, fries, and Twinkies. 

Nellie Spencer was the oldest living person for a while there in 1981.  She lived in New Jersey.  I've been to New Jersey.  Curious what motivated her to get up every day for that many New Jersey!

Arugula Lady was at the farmer's market today!  She had a lot of unusual little baggies of things and I took most of them.  No idea what most of it is, I trust this person implicitly to feed me honestly with great integrity, commitment, and connection. 

This is Japanese spinach.  Isn't it just beautiful? Everything she grows is ...beautiful. 

Having her on earth a little bit longer is very satisfying.


Glendale Farmer's Market, every Thursday 9:30 - 1:30.