Thursday, November 15, 2012

Nice shoutout. Bummer it was the wrong Cave.

It was good of Spectrum Wine Auctions to give a specific nod to your humble The Cave Wine Storage in this recent email blast regarding a current collection being auctioned.  Bummer that it is the wrong Cave that got the free advertising.  There is indeed a place called The Wine Cave up in Montrose.  I rode past the place one day as it was being built, saw the name already up, and thought, "Really?  A little research, perhaps?" I've never gone there.  Red and Black interiors isn't my thing.

"In all of the years my auction-tattered body has been roaming around dark cellars, I have never, let me repeat never, seen such an eclectic and thirst-inducing collection of Champagne. The collector, a local Pasadena resident, developed a taste for the bubbly and spent the better part of 15 years amassing this broad and deep collection of champagne. Everything from luxe tete de cuvees from Krug and Moët to small growers like Duval-Leroy and Deibolt-Valloise are here from the best vintages — 80, 88, 96 and even some 2002. Everything was purchased from local retailers, mostly Hi-Times and The Wine House, and stored in two temperature and humidity controlled cellars, The Wine Cave in Glendale and StoreBox in Pasadena. The color and bead in these wines are stunning, making it a one-of-a-kind collection."

There's  also The Little Cave in Highland Park.  Sometimes I get a phone call with the question, "Do you guys have a cover charge?"  

That's pretty much covers it for the local Caves. 
This Cave is in Beverly Hills.  They should have called it, The Creepiest Concept on Earth, Even If You Are A Guy.

PS.  It's not unusual for collectors to spread their swag around a few cellars; if something goes horribly wrong at one place they don't lose their entire collection.