Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thank You Christmas and Halloween.

Once upon a time there was this holiday and it was called Thanksgiving.  Turkey, family and Oregon Pinots.  Slowly over the years it got squeezed, the burgeoning commercialism of Christmas on the one side pushing against the increasingly popular Halloween on the other.  Poor Thanksgiving, it's been reduced to dry turkey stress.

Listen, Christmas and Halloween did Thanksgiving a favor, squeezing it out of the commercial melee.  Yeah, there's Black Friday, and K Mart is open right now.  But this is all on Christmas.  Somewhere in and under and around all the mess of out there are families and other people and troglodytes who are giving thanks today not because Hallmark told them to, but because it means something to them.

Yes, I'm in The Cave on Thanksgiving day.  I opened up for N.  He flies in Wednesday night and calls me every Thanksgiving to see if he can come in.  I've spent four Thanksgivings with him.  We all have our traditions.  For some it's sleeping on the sidewalk for a week for a big screen TV.  Oh well.  Cheers.