Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving wine 2012

I had black beans and roasted veggies - eggplant, carrots, butternut squash - and sauteed red chard.  But I was out walking and it was a gorgeous day and I decided to splurge and picked up a cornish game hen from WF.  I stuffed it with thyme, lemon and (surprise!) curry, but only S&P up top.  It was tasty.

With it I had this wine, Pico Maccario Barbera d’Asti Lavignone 2010.  It's a recent one from Zachys.  I ordered it because in their catalogue it was $14 with 91 points from The Sonoma Wine Journal.  

The Sonoma Wine Journal describes it as "translucent ruby robe, and starts with fresh aromas of violets, strawberries and raspberries dusted with powdered sugar, and orange pith."  To me it tasted like wine. 

The average rating for it on Cellertracker is 85 points.  Not quite the stuff of 91, is it?  But it was a pleasant wine and went well with the food and though I'm not actually sure if I liked it or not - something due my own ignorance than the wine, I think - were it around and I were inclined, I'd try it again. 

I suspect, as I go along the wine-journey path,  there will be lots of wine that are competent enoughI'm not sure which ones I'll eventually have an allegiance to, but assume they will let me know when they show up.