Saturday, January 26, 2013

of zin and turley

I owed Team Chaz Lowe dinner, so I donated a couple of dollars to The Cave plonk fund to do one last slow-and-low.  The plan was to do ox tails but alas, WF had none.  I went to Plan B, pork shank.  Nope!   Plan C, pork butt - which is actually the shoulder (don't ask, don't know) - and the stuff of pulled pork.  So I went for it, and also there was no Plan D and also I needed to have food going within the next hour if it was going to be done on time.

After dumping this wine into the pot of pork I tasted the last swig and was not too thrilled. It was dry and stern.  I was hoping for something a little looser and delicate to balance the fattiness of the pork.

The cork had these little crystals stuck to it.  Residual sugar, I thought, but it was so dry, the wine.  I'd never seen this before.  Don't ask, don't know, but it was kind of pretty.

pulled pork, black beans (from scratch of course) sauteed chard, and avocado, persimmon, cucumber, lemon, oranges - and circled on the far left over there...

... a Turley Zinfadel, I know not which one or year exactly, the bottle is MIA.  This wine with this meal was so beyond perfect you could die on the spot from pork-clogged arteries and be very, very happy about it.

The pulled pork was delish if not a bit more stern than anticipated, and black beans are so beautifully earthy, a lively, refreshing counterbalance was necessary and this wine was it, baby! 

This was definitely a good one.  Also, miracle, I got one right. 

PS. After more than a decade, 2-Buck-Chuck is no more. It's  $2.49-Wine?  That may need some work.   In the meantime The Cave's Two Buck Plonk continues to beg liquidation.