Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sunday Soup

In celebration of Sunday, in Cave time known as Friday, I present to you Miscellaneous Day.  It could also be called Random Leftover Things.  Onward!

1.  Today is day one of daylight saving which also marks the season of an old Cave tradition: the phone mysteriously cutting out every day at 2:42 pm only to return to service at 2:44.  Caller beware,  I am NOT hanging up on you.

2.  Based on a Valentine's Day tweet by Robert Parker, The Cave - in good fun and with a minor dash of peeve - has declared open season on Robert Parker.  Here's today's entree, "Separated at Birth."

3.  The Cave is now on Twitter.  On it are tweets like " is 'atwitter' with sawing and drilling. 2 new tenants are here installing shelves in their lockers. No lost fingers yet!"

Riveting stuff!

However, did you also know The Cave has a speakeasy account on Twitter?  A little less censored, were you following that account you'd be privy to all the hush-hush goings on around here, about which I officially know nothing.  You'd also get the Robert Parker backstory.  #askmeorfindtheclues.

4.  Hey, let's talk some more about those exciting shelves!  Here's the most basic and secure shelves you can put in - 2 x 4 brackets with added vertical supports to bear the weight of the load and a simple cut piece of plywood, 5/8 or 3/4.

These shelves were installed the same day by a cabinet maker, and all he put in was a few pegs and wedges.  When I expressed doubt that this would hold, he demonstrated its strength by sitting on the shelf.  He's still in there.  Just kidding.

5. These are proper wine glasses

These are our wine glasses. 
After the wine emergency earlier this week, a smattering of samplings and post-dish washing,  I looked at the drying glassware and was forced to acknowledge that everything said about our glassware is true, not a bit of it is praiseworthy, trust me.  These are original Cave glasses and I can't not have them here.  They're the mutts of glassware and they're staying.  In five years I've only broken one glass.  However, in the spirit of compromise, I'll try harder.  

6. May 14, 1932. Washington DC.  Sure it was prohibition, but I walk around with this sign every day, what's my excuse?