Sunday, April 7, 2013

A Whole Lotta Links.

Bits of possible interest around the web in no particular order.

Happy National Beer Day!

Because it's National Beer Day (isn't every day?), here's an article in the LA Times summarizing Los Angeles brewers' hoppy beers for spring. (Hoppy...Easter...spring...get it?)

After drinking all that beer, you might be inspired to do this, a beer-cap bathroom floor.  Generally not a fan of frat-craft, this one's kind of cool. 

The Atwater Village Beer, Wine, and Food Festival. Sunday, April 28. Beer, wine, food: pretty much sells itself.

This is the website for Vagabond Grillyard.  (They don't even need a whole website, just that picture, kudos to their art director.) This is the great write up they recently got in LA Weekly.  You can enjoy some Vagabond Grillyard every Tuesday and Wednesday night here in Glendale at The Famous on Brand. 

Because Glendale is such a hip-n-happenin watering hole these days, here's another LA Weekly nod to Neat.  It's a bar.

24 Funny Wine Quotes. Some are just quotes.

Wine Buzzword of the Week: Beaujolais
Eric Asimov
Neal Rosenthal

Lastly, from the the literary HL Menken, an essay originally published in Liberty Magazine January 12, 1935.  "How to Drink Like a Gentleman."  This one maybe should have gone first.

*HL Menken fun fact: It was Menken who dubbed the Scopes Trial "The Monkey Trial."  The trial began July 10, 1925, the same day The Hotel Glendale held its opening Gala party.