Thursday, April 4, 2013

Plonk Pork.

Last December began The Great Cave Plonk-a-thon, an effort to re-purpose wine in various stages towards plonk-hood.  Here is an update on that effort. 

 we began with all this.

 We now have only this.  AND IT'S ALL FREE.

Recently, someone came in to try The Famous Cave Plonk Pork Recipe.   And though that's covered in the earlier post, let's give it another go.

 1.  Buy something pork-like.  Pork shank or pork butt-that's-actually-the-shoulder is good.

 2. (I often skip this step, but all the good cooks are doing it.) Brown on all sides. 

 3. Pour in a whole bottle of Cave Plonk.  Add a bunch of tasty other stuff to it. Cover it, and put it in the oven at 300 degrees.  Sometimes go in there and baste the pork.
 It's done in about six hours, or when you stick a fork in it and the meat falls off the bone like soft butter.  Any sooner, and you're cheating yourself of very heavenly things.

Take the meat out to rest before forking it. 

Bonus round:  remove all the tasty bits.

 Further strain the tasty bits.

Put the liquid gold back into the pan and reduce it on the stove.  Add some mushrooms and finish it with a bit-o-butter.

Someone brave enough to try this recipe and take some FREE WINE-er-PLONK to do so sent in some pictures of the results. 

"I made plonk pork. I'm going to have to ask you some more questions about your method, but I already ate the plonk pork, plus a reduction with mushrooms, for lunch today (see photo) and it was somewhere between sinful and totally obscenely good.  It's AWESOME."

Also came this photo of the full moon.  I am certain this was Plonk Pork inspired, it stands to follow, and am pretty sure all the alcohol has cooked out of the meal by this point.  Pretty sure.

I know you are doubting The Plonk, afterall, isn't the wine you cook with supposed to be as good as the wine you'd drink? Oh, no. The Plonk, I declare, adds a needed acidity to balance the fat, and also a unique, not at all unappealing edge to the flavor profile.

Embrace the Plonk! Come get your free Plonk! It's FREE.