Sunday, August 25, 2013

Any Old Port in a Storm.

Last Sunday I closed up for the night and eagerly went home to watch, for the first time since becoming your resident troglodyte, the Columbo episode, Any Old Port in a Storm

For anyone not up on their classic Columbo, first, shame!  Second, this is the episode starring Donald Pleasance as Adrian Carsini, a guy who inherited a small winery specializing in unprofitable but prized wines.  Unfortunately, his spendthrift playboy half-brother Rick inherited the actual  land and now Rick is going to sell the land to mass producers of cheap, profitable wines.  Like any proper oenophile,  Adrian kills Rick.

Great episode!  NOT available on Netflix, but it is available on  HuluPlus and, it appears,  iTunes.  Or you can wait five more years for KDOC to run it again.

Some Highlights.

When Mr. Carsini buys a $5,000 bottle of wine at auction, he quips, "Most wines are meant for drinking, but wines like that are meant for buying and selling."

Columbo realizes to catch his man, he has to learn about wine. 

At one point, Columbo and Carsini are in a restaurant and the waiter inquires if they'd like the red wine steward or the white wine steward.  Columbo's reaction, non verbal, is great.   So is the steward.  The '45 Port will be declared "Liquid filth!"

This is a bit of great wine fun  not to be missed!  A few teasers: