Thursday, August 29, 2013

Locker Karma.

The Cave has good locker karma. 

There are currently no 18-case lockers available.  I suppose this is a good problem to have, but all summer I've been ruing the day I might have to turn someone away who wanted an 18-case locker. Of course, I'd never turn anyone away, I'd just figure out how to make it work.

Last week someone moved out of an 18-case locker. He seemed to need less room so I suggested he move down a size, to a 12-case.  Less profit for us, but it's a better fit for him which is the point, really. Yesterday, someone walked in wanting an 18-case locker.  I've written about The Cave's good locker karma before.  Now it's just creepy. 

Not only did this guy come in wanting an 18-case locker, it was about twenty minutes before close and his truck was full of product.  Good thing we had a locker! 

Wait, there's more!  He got it all in before close, the paperwork signed and sealed, because clearly this kid had done his homework:

1. He must have looked at our FAQ page.
2. He must have seen the "I want to rent a locker, what do I need for that?" post.
3. He had on hand all four items, ready to go. 

It was the fastest move-in ever.

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