Saturday, August 3, 2013

Part 4: I guess that about covers it.

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Part 4.

I don't actually drink a lot of coffee, 8 oz. a day, sometimes more.  But it's really GOOD coffee.  Good beans, filtered water, entirely non-evasive.  Meaning my coffee being good or bad relies solely on my materials and my comprehension of their integrity  -  versus my capacity as a chemical magician.

This is what matters to me in food, and this is the kind of wine I want to drink.  Honest wine over some preconceived notion of what wine should be, the definition of wine would loosen up allowing for a wider scope of Legitimate.  How awesome would this be?  All the variant flavor experiences possible, things we may never have even considered. I think, or maybe ignorantly hope, this is the next wine frontier.  Every Monsanto has its an equal and opposite reaction; hopefully so will wine.

By no means a new topic,  it's been a hot topic this summer:
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(I agree, the ending was a little anti-climactic, I thought it might go differently.  Here's one for the road:)