Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Cave, starring the elusive mangosteen.

LA Times Food wrote this article yesterday about something called a 'mangosteen,' a tropical fruit not set foot in this country in decades.  One of the Wholefoods carrying it is Glendale, so today the Cave is hosting the mangosteen.  One.  First come, first crack at it.

*6PM: The Elusive Mangosteen Update*

Weird Suitcase Dude, as he once signed an email, was up for the elusive mangosteen experiment, and I am here to tell you the mangosteen has left the building. How it went:

1.  When you cut open a mangosteen it looks just like the picture of the mangosteen!

2. The gutted mangosteen.  This took about thirty seconds.  What happened inbetween?  Something of a soft banana texture, a sharp grape and some other kind of flavor moment, and then a fast and watery end.

The verdict:  somewhere between 'Meh' and 'Wow, now I know what a mangosteen tastes like!'