Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Twitter Stream-of-Consciousness of the day: a new Robert Parker mystery.

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If you've been following along at all, and I find that hard to believe, you may have noticed an occasional post dedicated to Robert Parker's Stream of Consciousness as posted on twitter.

(April 2013)
(May 2013)
(July 2013)
(October 2013)

I thought I was the only troglodyte to notice such genius, but while perusing the tweety today I noticed this bit o' unexplainable twitter-drama: 

WHAT?!? You mean I'm not the only fan of Robert Parker's Twitter Stream of Consciousness? I thought I invented it!  Drats and drats some more!

The tweeties were there but there was no Robert Parker breadcrumbs to be found.  Did he delete them? Was it via some other social networking site that was getting all the tweety attention?

Twitter, ah, twitter: remember when computers were a fad and then everyone got one?  And pagers were for drug dealers but then everyone got one?  "Portable phones" were for Wall Street CEO's and then everyone got one?  Facebook was for school kids and now everyone is on it?

Now you have to keep up with all the STUFF.  This bit of hope lists 13 social networking sites any one of us should be stay current? To not starve? To not become obsolete? To not go bankrupt?

Where is the line anymore?

 The Deanster is in town from Indiana visiting his wine.  Before visiting this evening with an actual human, I was aimlessly wandering around the Google in search of ANYONE who might have all 13 above-mentioned hopes of conquering the world.  I started with local wine/beer stores.

 K & L. facebook only.  They will be the first to die.

Ramirez. facebook, twitter, and on the far right, good call, yelp.
 The Wine House.  facebook, twitter...OHHH, SNAP...instagram and pinterest.

Wally's. also very NOW: facebook, twitter, google plus, blogger, and instagram. 


 But then THE QUEST set in:  Does anyone have  ALL 13?  Strategy was necessary.  Start with..."artisan"

 La Brea Bakery. facebook, twitter, pinterest, instagram.

Nope.  Maybe guru-kumbaya

Martha Stewart.  facebook, twitter, pinterest, google+.

Oprah. facebook, twitter, youtube, and email Oprah.

No, I needed something younger than the Millennials themselves.  I Googled: Queen of all Media (Perez Hilton) King of all Media (Howard Stern) Kim Kardashian, Justin Bieber, Huffington Post and Greenpeace.

Got pretty lucky with Greenpeace, but still not the mother load.

All this to confess...@CaveWineStorage is on the tweety...with a faint blush of not really knowing  why.   As it goes in the annual lease renewal notes, "...and now we are on twitter though I’m not sure why, the wine pretty much just sits there."

I'm not sure where the line is, but this musty old Cave isn't taking any chances, and either way, there's always @RobertMParkerJr to keep us entertained...or, in the case of today's mystery, lack therein.