Saturday, December 14, 2013

In defense of today's embarrasing wine purchase.

Before work this morning I did a quick run to Topline Wine, home of the world's worst website, to pick up a bottle of this stuff, Moscato Allegro.

It's very pink. 

I hate the label.

It's only $999.  No, that's probably $9.99. 

I got this wine for Freddy, because every year Freddy and his wife bring me tamales on Christmas eve and I give Freddy a bottle of wine.  Previous years I've given Freddy wines that many, including myself, might consider more worthy than this. 

But truth is, this is a pleasant, easy, and playful beverage perfect for non-wine drinkers.  It's a crowd-pleaser, a social butterfly, and at only 8.5% alcohol, the festivities won't get ugly.

Topline was in full swing this morning.  They tell me this is always their busiest shopping day, the second Saturday before Christmas.  Shop Local, Shop Small!