Sunday, March 16, 2014

No, I'm not drunk.

A quick bit of sentimentality, (ugh!), from The Cave.

It's Sunday after 7 p.m. and that means The Cave is now closed.  Sunday in Cave time is Friday in terra-firma time. TGIS.

This Sunday began at 11 a.m.  Who in their right mind does anything at 11 a.m. on a Sunday that doesn't involve a newspaper - the papery/oily kind - coffee, and a whole lot of laziness? I had to set my alarm to be here at 11 a.m., that's who!  While stumbling through the bright light of mid-morning another text came in for early entrance today.  Nice timing! Three people were here by noon, all very busy-busy-busy. 

After moving to Napa two years ago, Tim is finally transferring his wine there (,*sniff*). David was here seven hours trying to figure out his "system." Ed came in from Palmdale to spend time organizing his locker.  Christopher came in later for a few hours to do the same, plus the usual others.  Today was a huge amount of Cave energy, Cave activity, and boxes spent.

What a great way to end the week.  The Cave is busier these days.  The Cave bustles.  But what The Cave really does is continually surprise me with its generosity.  What a rare and wonderful Cave I inhabit!  I am a  very fortunate troglodyte.  I am the most fortunate of them all.

See you next week. For this one, thank you, and Cheers.