Thursday, March 13, 2014

Wine infographics

If you are on The Tweety, you can follow The Cave @CaveWineStorage. WARNING: DON'T FOLLOW THE CAVE ON TWITTER!  Though the world's greatest The Cave (in Glendale), a storage facility is not an action packed endeavor. The only thing here less active than your resident troglodyte is the wine.  I at least go to the bathroom sometimes.  Riveting stuff!  Tweet-worthy?  Not so much. 

Twitter has benefits. You curate your own daily newspaper by whom you choose to follow. The Cave follows 48 people as a way of staying current with various local interests and businesses, food and wine, and my niece who is getting her masters in Marketing at Northwestern.  Smart kid. 

Some people I follow on Twitter baffle me.  I don't know who they are but they are ubiquitous and well-followed.  I know who Robert Parker, Jr. is.  He has over 59 thousand followers.  The Cave has 19.

One person I follow has about 9,500 followers.  I have no idea who she is but clearly she's somebody. Recently she posted this picture.  It's a learning device.  Wine is complicated and I am stupid and this is meant to simplify my efforts. I have no idea what it means.  If I read the source, I have every idea what it means, but then why don't I just read the source and skip the picture?

This is actually a nice photo, clean and simple.  The same person posts many Wine Infographics, and they are each more confusing than the last.  


(click on images to enlarge)                                     What The?



Trader Joe's was the first wine infographic I saw.  Quick, clean, I know what it's telling me and with only minor flaws: the wine is from Trader Joe's.  Also, the three "Meals" represented are Pizza, Stir Fry, and Sushi. Random and funny.  Unless they extensively researched their shoppers and discovered it's neither of those. The Trader Joe's Wine Guide is also simple and well presented. 

Still, if you insist, all those posters are available for purchase and suitable for framing.  I'm pretty sure at least one of them can double as a subway map in most cities.  If you get on the blue line and go seven stops you'll be in "Lively."  But watch out for the purple line: it goes from flabby and spineless to harsh and bitter.  Lousy vacation!