Saturday, March 22, 2014

Wine springs eternal.

While the east coast had its coldest winter ever, California had its warmest.  Thus, to speak of spring here is relative, a mere matter of degrees.  We celebrate it nonetheless this weekend with this stuff,  2002 Sea Smoke Gratis Chardonnay.

From K&L website, "The Sea Smoke 'Gratis' Chardonnay is grown exclusively on Sea Smoke’s Estate Vineyard and receives the same care and attention as this highly esteemed Pinot Noir. Gratis Chardonnay is Sea Smoke's way of telling their direct customers 'thank you for your support!' This wine is only distributed as a gift by Sea Smoke Cellars, and it was not available for purchase."

It was, indeed, gratis, the definition that is "given for nothing." It was an all too kind donation to the cause. Clearly spring brings out the insane in people.

This really good.  I love this wine. This this must be what they mean when they talk about the minerality of Burgundies.  I've never sat around sucking flint or other rocks, but I have had rust in my tap water, so, you know. Also, nice acidity action.  Awesome.

The previous two weeks I had two wines I've previously commented on, clearly "previous" is the theme here, an Oberschulte Syrah, 2014 this time, and a 1999 J. Hofstätter Pinot Nero Alto Adige - Südtirol "Barthenau" Vigna S Urbano.  Two very differnet wines, the first one is big and fat, the second light and easy.  Both were enjoyable. 

2009 Domaine de la Janasse Côtes du Rhône catches us up.  I neglected to take a picture of the label, this is from CellarTracker. It was from the infamous Zachy's order, and I must say there have now been three in a row I've enjoyed, including this one.  (The other two were the 2009 Rocca di Frassinello Le Sughere Maremma Toscana IGT SuperTuscan Blend and 2009 Chateau la Vieille Cure Fronsac.)

This one: Cherry, dusty plum, light tobacco, very nice.  

I don't want to be too foolhardy, but I think this crazy wine thing just might catch on.  What next, Bitcoins?