Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Buy beer here, not there now, but there later.

There is a place in South Pasadena called Mission Wines.  It's on Mission, so that works out well.  Whenever I ask anyone if they go to Mission Wine and Spirits, they usually think I mean this place, but no. 

I mean Mission Wine and Spirits

There are four of them, the first in Pasadena, on Washington.  There is one in Glendale on Glenoaks.  They opened a second Glendale location when they took over the world's greatest-named liquor store, Hammered Liquors (Glendale @ Maple).  This was late 2012. It was just a quick move-in to capitalize on the holidays while paperwork was being secured for renovation in the early new year. 

Gary manages that store, and he was generous in embracing this uncouth troglodyte as part of his clientele.  More importantly, Gary has a dream: to be the biggest beer retailer IN THE WORLD!  We all need our dreams - well, based on last night not mine, but you know what I mean.  Part of the renovation would be to have, like, three or four miles of beer cases to fill with all Gary's dreams.  Awsesome. 

You know how paperwork goes, especially in Glendale. A year passed, some of another, and Mission is finally closed for its renovation/soon-to-be close up.
To give Gary a run for his dream, world famous (?) Ramirez recently opened its new, second, location on Olympic @ Soto, very near it's first location.  I wrote about visiting Ramirez-original last November, the world's biggest beer selection crammed into a phone booth. 

No longer!

I got this.  It was nice, I liked it. 

Not sure when Mission will be re-opening, look forward to dreams fulfilled.